Author A.F. Stewart – 9th Story 504

Today we are interviewing speculative fiction author A.F. Stewart about her book “Killers & Demons II” along with her ever growing body of work. We also talk about her online “Brains To Books Convention,” and share an audio version of her short story “Alice In The Basement” performed by Jeanette Andromeda. We also have a short story called “Writer’s Block” that is written and performed by Immortal Alexander. For full show notes please visit: Read More …

Courtlan Gordon & Ryan Becker – 9th Story 501

501: Courtlan Gordon & Ryan Becker

And we’re off! Jeanette Andromeda and Immortal Alexander have officially taken over. Will they push the shiny red self destruct button or will they take 9th Story to new heights. Tune in and find out!

Today we interview Courtlan Gordon and Ryan Becker from the YouTube channel “THE ODDEST OF THE ODD” about their latest horror short “Silent Hills P.T. in Real Life Part 2.” Immortal Alexander also performs a short story from Courtlan Gordon called “LIGHTS OFF AND HEADPHONES IN.”

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Jeanette & Alexander – 9th Story 420

It’s the end of the road, but the beginning of a new one. This final episode of the 9th Story Podcast with Dan at the helm is a passing of the torch to the new hosts Jeanette Andromeda and Immortal Alexander. The three discuss the transition, the past, and future of the show.

You’ll learn a little about the new hosts and their plan for Season 5. A good bit of time is spent on discussion of The Lift. Victoria pops by to give Dan his send off. Read More …