Episode #156: Where do you want it?

Dangle is making a movie based on his attempts with the ladies! It’s called “Mission Impossible”! For this episode, Dick and The Stepfather talk about the sizes that make women orgasm, the noises that men make, the clubs where the sex happens, your new secure password systems, a start-up toy initiative and another reminder to use protection. It’s another spectacular show! But don’t worry, he’ll butter the hell out of your popcorn! Read More …

#42 Godfrey of Bouillon and The Knight of the Swan

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1) Episode #42 Godfrey of Bouillon and The Knight of the Swan
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12) All Incidental Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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Ep 87: It Was A Brilliant Cure, But We Lost The Patient: Asylums Part 2

You may have noticed the irony that can be attached to the phrase, ‘what do we have to lose?’ So often things can go horribly wrong just after someone asks that fateful, seemingly rhetorical question. That’s sort of what happened once people decided to stop just confining people with mental illness, and started trying to ‘cure’ them. Join us this week as we explore medical treatments for mental illness from shock therapy to lobotomy; and meet those whose voices sounded alarm from Kesey to Kennedy.

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Episode #155 – Playskool My First Stripper Pole

One for the money, who loves this show? Three to make it interesting and four, you ho! This show is over an hour of everything that you love! To start the episode, Dangle tells stories about visiting his perverted ex-coworkers and being witness to an awful date night (it made me ashamed to be a man!). Articles include helping your sex appeal, your new favorite sex toy, sex and old age, becoming a certified pervert, orgasms helping us all and the idea of taboo. I hope you can handle this fine installment that’s bound to fill all of the right spaces! Enjoy! Read More …

Ep. 211 – Haunted Cemeteries 2

There is one absolute for all human beings and that is that we all will die. Throughout history, humans have disposed of and honored their dead in various ways. Burying the dead and marking their resting place has been the most popular and it has carried over to our modern era. Cemeteries have become a record of history for towns. Who lived here? When did they die? Why did they die? Was there a plague, a war, a natural disaster that devastated the population? Some of the interred at times wander from their resting places. There are tales of specters roaming about the tombstones in certain graveyards. Weird lights and mists have been photographed. On this episode, we have four cemeteries that seem to have unexplained activity. Those cemeteries are the Silver Terrace Cemetery in Virginia City, Nevada, which is actually divided into eleven separate cemeteries, Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut, Old Quaker Cemetery in Camden, South Carolina and Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. The combined histories of these graveyards covers the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s. Every class is found in these cemeteries and each has its own legends and hauntings. Join us as we bring you Haunted Cemeteries 2! The Moment in Oddity features Timothy Smith’s window grave and This Month in History features the Riot Act in Britain.

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Vanishing from http://purple-planet.com (Moment in Oddity)
In Your Arms by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com (This Month in History)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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Prog-Watch Special – 101 Dimensions – July 2017

This month on 101 Dimensions we have another great selection of interesting stuff spannign five decades! Here’s the playlist:

Kitaro – Island Of Life (from the maxi-single Island Of Life, 1992)

Hawkwind – Levitation; Motorway City; Psychosis; and World Of Tiers (from the album Levitation, 1980)

Depeche Mode – In Chains; Hole To Feed; Wrong; and Fragile Tension (from the album Sounds Of The Universe, 2009)

Patrick Moraz – Heroic Fantasy; and Satellite (from the album Future Memories I & II, 1985)

Jean-Luc Ponty – Cosmic Messenger; I Only Feel Good With You; and Ethereal Mood (from the album Cosmic Messenger, 1978)

Kitaro – Gentle Forest; The Stone And The Green World; and Sunlight Dancing (from the album Spiritual Garden, 2006)

Echelon Effect – Goodbye Sierra; End Transmission; Signals; and Outbound (from the album Signals, 2017) Read More …