Clan of the Cave Horse

Clan of the Cave Horse is a monthly podcast representing a collaboration between The Caveman Mafia Podcast and Red Horse Radio.

The show features Jon Towers, Nelson W. Pyles, and Melanie Friedrich. Clan of the Cave Horse combines the their own brand of comedy and conversation into the Caveman Mafia format .

This monthly series will open your eyes, squeeze your brain and revive your soul.

Host and Producer: Jon Towers 

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Jon is an artist and writer, he is the creative mind behind indie comic book company Stigmata Studios. Often referred to as the “Creator Emeritus” of Society 13 and Co-creator the Wicked Library by former Host and current Executive Producer, Nelson W. Pyles, Jon Towers is a modern Renaissance Man, who serves up his brand of awesome in the form of comics, observation, satire, myth and legend, and edgy writing and observation. He will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dreadful Geographic, an Ezine from Forsaken. You can find Jon’s graphic novel, the D’Jinn Jihad on Amazon, and all things Jon Towers on his website, Stigmata Studios.

Stigmata Studios is an indie comic studio that has been producing indie comics featuring the heroic Nonstandard Assembly and its quirky members for over  ten years. They produce graphic novels, comic book magazines and FREE web comics! The stories feature history, the occult, politics, myth, whiskey and violence with an edgy point of view.


Co-Host: Nelson W. Pyles

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Nelson is the author of several short stories as well as the critically acclaimed novel DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES. He is the creator, executive producer and former host of The Wicked Library as well as the co founder of Society 13 Podcast Network. His collection EVERYTHING HERE IS A NIGHTMARE now available from Amazon. He is currently working on two novels, one a sequel to his first book.


Co-Host: Melanie Friedrich

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Melanie is an aspiring creative type who took a 20-year hiatus from all creative endeavors for no good reason. She is currently dabbling in podcasting and stand-up comedy by way of open mic nights. She’s currently trying to broaden her horizons into improv comedy and sketch writing. She’s constantly trying to figure out how to stay out of trouble at work and she is still looking for the great love of her life.

She would like to write one really good novel and at least one really smutty romance novel (which may end up being rolled into one because she’s lazy.)


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