Danglin’ After Dark

The show is about all things adult. The adult industry, pornography, sexuality and all of the things that make us tick. It’s as much about comedy as it is sexuality, because making people comfortable with these topics is half of the battle. But mostly it’s a forum for like-minded people to come together and talk dirty.

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Episode #164: I Got to See What’s in the Box!

I Got to See What’s in the Box! Welcome to the law offices of “Dangle & Associates”, where are fees may be high (like ...
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Episode #163: Good for You, Canada

Good for You, Canada What do we want? DANGLE! When do we want it? NOW! Where do we want it? IN OUR EARS! Ew ...
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Episode #162 – Ask for Grippy Glenda!

Ask for Grippy Glenda! The Sun may have been blocked out by the moon in some parts of the world, but “Danglin’ After Dark” ...
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Gianna Michaels: Episode #161

I like to watch! What do we want? DICK!!! When do we want it? NOW!!! Well, you are in luck, Pervert Nation! First up, ...
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Episode #160: That’s why you get them declawed!

That’s why you get them declawed! Welcome to Sgt. Dangle’s Perverted Hearts Club Band! I KNOW you will enjoy this show! Get ready for ...
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Brett Rossi: Episode #159

I’ve been playing with cornholes for years! How many licks does it take to get to the center of Dick Dangle? No one knows ...
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