Danglin’ After Dark

The show is about all things adult. The adult industry, pornography, sexuality and all of the things that make us tick. It’s as much about comedy as it is sexuality, because making people comfortable with these topics is half of the battle. But mostly it’s a forum for like-minded people to come together and talk dirty.

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Episode #156: Where do you want it?

Episode #156: Where do you want it? Dangle is making a movie based on his attempts with the ladies! It’s called “Mission Impossible”! For ...
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Episode #155 – Playskool My First Stripper Pole

Playskool My First Stripper Pole One for the money, who loves this show? Three to make it interesting and four, you ho! This show ...
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Anna Bell Peaks: Episode #154

I am an innocent doodler! It’s fireworks season and Dick loves the rockets red glare! Though his glare is more off-whiter! In this episode, ...
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Curvy Quinn: Episode #153

I can’t go to work without sticking something up my butt! This show is like your nightstand drawer by your bed. Your bound to ...
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Lexi Belle: Episode #152

Can’t get enough of Dangle’s Sugar Pubes! Dick got thrown off of “America’s Got Talent” because his talent wasn’t family-friendly enough. They must have ...
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Abigail Mac: Episode #151

I’ll take everything but the crying! When Dangle goes through check-out at the grocery store, no one questions why he’s buying cucumbers, whipped cream ...
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