History Goes Bump

History Goes Bump is dedicated to history, both of America and the world in general, with a slight twist: These histories go bump in the night.  Ghost tales and paranormal experiences are fun around the campfire, but to get to the heart of true hauntings, one must know the history. It is the history that gives the spirits life.  We support historic preservation and respect for locations and whatever may still be lurking there.

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Ep. 192 – Penn State University

Penn State University is a part of the Big Ten East and has 24 campuses across the state of Pennsylvania. Not bad for a ...
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Ep. 191 – Spiritualism and the Eddy Brothers’ House

Psychic phenomenon and interaction with the spiritual world date back to the beginnings of humankind. Humans have used various means to facilitate this communication ...
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Ep 190 – The Ghost Town Bodie

The town of Bodie in California is probably one of the best preserved ghost towns in America and the town describes itself as being ...
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Ep. 189 – Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace located in the London suburb town of Hampton, dates back to medieval times. Throughout the centuries, the palace has been expanded ...
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Ep. 188 – Rispin Mansion

Rispin Mansion is located in Capitola, California in the beautiful and supernaturally infused Santa Cruz area. The history of the mansion is intriguing and ...
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Ep. 187 – Congress Plaza Hotel

Chicago's Congress Plaza Hotel is said to be the city's most haunted hotel. Chicago hosted the World's Fair in 1893 and the hotel was ...
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Host / Producer: Diane Student

Diane is the founder of History Goes Bump In The Night and host of the podcast, History Goes Bump, and the former host of the award winning live internet radio show, The Freedom’s Wings Show, which she produced for five years from 2009-2013.  Archived shows can still be found at iTunes and at Blog Talk Radio.  Be forewarned though, it was a political show.  She is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction and blogs at several websites. She is currently working on her YA dystopian trilogy: The Lewis Chronicles. She is a taphophile and shares her adventures in cemetery exploration at http://wherehistorylies.blogspot.com. She describes herself as an open minded skeptic.


Co-Host: Denise Moormeier

Denise is the former co-host of Twilight Hour and now shyly wrangles the co-hosting duties on The History Goes Bump Podcast.  She is a seventh degree black belt (Master Instructor) in Taekwon-Do and the Region 9 Director for the United States Taekwon-Do Federation.  Her boss is a giant mouse that can be found in Central Florida.  She enjoys haunted history/ghost tours and loves to wield the camera to see what she can catch.  She is also a taphophile and likes to explore cemeteries.  Her beliefs on ghosts are that they are real, but she is not sure what they are and has no desire to communicate on purpose with them.  She bravely ventures into dark places when Diane sends her off alone to take some pictures.

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