Prog Watch

Tune in to this week's 101 Dimensions to hear an eclectic mix of new and old electronic/ambient music! Here's what's on tap: 1. Erik Norlander – City Of Living Machines (from the album Seas Of Orion, 2004) 2. 17 Pygmies – Celestina XVI (from the album Celestina II – Second Son, 2011) 3. Ian Boddy & David Wright – Still Motion (from the album Shifting Sands, 2009) 4. David Bedford – The Song Of The White Horse (from the album Star Clusters, Nebulae & Places In Devon/The Song Of The White Horse, 1999) 5. 17 Pygmies – Celestina XXVII (from the album CIII – Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale Of Love And Quantum Physics, 2012) 6. Rocket Scientists – Traveler On The Supernatural Highway (from the album Supernatural Highways, 2014) 7. Tangerine Dream – Suite From Dead Solid Perfect (from the album Dream Music, 1992) 8. Red Shift – Damage (from the album Last, 2007) Until next time...Prog On! Tony Website: Facebook: Twitter: @ProgSquatch Email: