Queens of NC-17

Crude, lewd, with major attitude, the Go Go Ghost Girls are here to talk the best and rarest of NC-17 and every gem in-between. Oh, what’s that? You also needed really bad dating advice, too!? Well you’ve come to the right place, because these girls have lots of horrible advice to share with you at the end of each episode! Stay tuned and stay nasty.

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Episode 52- Hell High

WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION. China dyed her hair dark and Ande and Eanna consider joining a vegan cult. This week's featured film is HELL HIGH (1989), which the ladies review harshly, and then they give some great advice sort of! Stay tuned and stay ...
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Episode 51- Hubert and the Night People

WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION. WE'RE BAAAACCCCK! Eanna visited Hawaii and got a lomilomi while China and Ande got Kpoped, locked, and dropped. This week's featured short film is Hubert and the Night People (2016), which the ladies sort of review, and then they give ...
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Queens Summer Vacation 2017

Hey everyone! We suddenly realized that a lot of you don't follow us on social media and perhaps you might think we got killed or abducted by aliens or sucked into the Matrix. DON'T WORRY! We're just on vacation! Sorry we didn't update you sooner! SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER! PLEASE ...
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Episode 50- Brain Damage

WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION. China reviews suggestions made by listeners regarding her shitty neighbor, Eanna kills it during her roller derby tournament, and Ande has a sleepover with her mom due to an unwanted guest. This week's feature film is Brain Damage (1988), which ...
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Episode 49- The Return of the Living Dead

WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION. It's Eanna's birthday! While Ande shares nothing eventful, China mourns the loss of per privacy. This week is Eanna's birthday pick- The Return of the Living Dead (1985)! Stay tuned and stay nasty! EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO: QueensOfNC17@gmail.com Instagram: QueensOfNC17 ...
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Episode 48- Q- The Winged Serpent

WARNING: FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. UNDER 17 REQUIRES ADULT SUPERVISION. China ate like a true Queen this week while Ande and Eanna went to Tobacco's AL DENTE PERFECTO II! The Queens also discuss Q- The Winged Serpent (1982) and then by accident also review Cannibal (2006) and still somehow manage ...
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Eanna Isabel

Eanna, once a skeptic, has now seen the light… or the dark, or whatever.  Originally from Kansas City, MO, she’s a retired roller derby queen, a mother, a talented make-up artist, and a crucial member of the Go Go Ghost Girls. In her “spare” time, she throws knives and is an award winning taxidermist, so don’t cross her.  Jussayin’.

China White

China, originally from all over the United States, (well, okay, basically just Colorado and Johnstown,) moved to Pittsburgh with big dreams.  China is an ex special effects genius, a talented artist, a lover of all things furry, and the historian of the 4G’s.

Ande Strega

When she’s not ghost hunting or botching some sort of spell, Ande spends most of her time cuddling her dogs, writing horror movie reviews, painting serial killer portraits, creating erotic glitch art, and left swiping on Tinder until she meets someone as creepy as she is.

Producer: Jon Towers 

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Jon is an artist and writer, he is the creative mind behind indie comic book company Stigmata Studios. Often referred to as the “Creator Emeritus” of Society 13 and Co-creator the Wicked Library by former Host and current Executive Producer, Nelson W. Pyles, Jon Towers is a modern Renaissance Man, who serves up his brand of awesome in the form of comics, observation, satire, myth and legend, and edgy writing and observation. He will be featured in an upcoming issue of Dreadful Geographic, an Ezine from Forsaken. You can find Jon’s graphic novel, the D’Jinn Jihad on Amazon, and all things Jon Towers on his website, Stigmata Studios.

Stigmata Studios is an indie comic studio that has been producing indie comics featuring the heroic Nonstandard Assembly and its quirky members for over  ten years. They produce graphic novels, comic book magazines and FREE web comics! The stories feature history, the occult, politics, myth, whiskey and violence with an edgy point of view.


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