Dani Daniels: Episode #148

Dick Dangle doesn’t play with action figures, but his kung-fu grip is on point! Dick brings some stories such as a fan of Dangle’s music and a question that boggles Dangle’s mind. An interesting video about sex education in schools will teach you something and leads to some high school reminiscing. Articles include what women consider creating and using your phone to your benefit. And then we have a must-listen interview with the unstoppable Dani Daniels from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! We discuss her always being in Dick’s life, her several careers and her influence on my social media interactions! You’ll hear why she is one of the all-time best! Grab a hold of this show and don’t let go! Read More …

#33 Vlad the Impaler and Night Attack at Târgovişte

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2) Vlad the Impaler and Night Attack at Târgovişte
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Ep 79: The Strange Case Of…

The monsters will get you, if you don’t watch out. They’re all around. They’re just waiting for their chance to come out. Or are you waiting for yours? Join us this week for a series of strange cases as we learn that the worst place for monsters to hide, is inside.


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Episode #147 – I’m Team Quirp!

On your mark…get set…Perv!!! I hope you’re ready, my Dear Danglers, because this show is going to get a little awkward. But in a glorious way! Dick and The Stepfather bring articles that include the perfect number of prior partners, phone licking, expressions of love in airports, mood killers, car lovers, a sex robot (the video is uncomfortably awesome!) and preggo power! This show has so many interesting discussions, you’ll become an awkward conversation expert! Enjoy and Dangle (and awkward!) on! Read More …

Prog-Watch 420 – The Rosfest 2017 Special

This week’s program is a Rosfest 2017 Special, with music from many of the bands that appeared at this year’s festival! We’ll hear from Kyros, Moon Safari, The Aaron Clift Experiment, Unified Past, The Neal Morse Band, The Fierce & The Dead, Evership, and Änglagård! Plus, we will check in with Dr. Rob Fisher for another great Progressive Discoveries feature on a unique U.K. act called the Beatrix Players!

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