TWL 730: Highway 16

When a young woman stops to help an old man on an empty highway, not all is as it seems. The man is looking for more than assistance and what he needs is more than she’s willing to give.

The story is based upon the Highway of Tears, a Canadian highway from British Columbia to Alberta. The bodies of 19 First Nation’s women have been discovered along the stretch of road, but more than 40 women are said to have been taken from Highway 16 over the years.

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Author:Caitlin Marceau | Storytellers:Daniel Foytik, David Ault, Nichole Goodnight | Art: Daniel Foytik | Interview: Jeanette Andromeda | Voice of the Librarian:Nelson W. Pyles | Host / Producer:Daniel Foytik | Executive Producers: Cynthia Lowman, Nelson W. Pyles Read More …

TWL 728: Louise, Your Shed’s on Fire

Matthew Weber makes his Wicked Library debut with this darkly comic homage to alien invasion stories, Meg Thatcher witnesses a mysterious object fall from the sky and crash into her neighbor’s shed.

Then things get weird.

Author: Matthew Weber | Storyteller: Cynthia Lowman | Art / Interview: Jeanette Andromeda | Voice of the Librarian: Nelson W. Pyles

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TWL 723: Amelia’s Labyrinth

John Clewarth makes his Wicked Library debut with this darkly mysterious tale.

George Paddison is sent to boarding school, deep in the North Yorkshire countryside. His wealthy father, the owner of a national newspaper, says it will be ‘the making of him’. At first, George is lonely and bewildered in the vastness of the Manor School, but is befriended by a captivating young boy, named Joseph Longmire. George is fascinated by Joseph’s prized possession, a toy Victorian theatre, through which he makes up his own stories. By means of distraction, Joseph takes George exploring in the huge grounds, to a mysterious woodland that is home to a strange natural phenomenon. Read More …