Ep 111: Larger Than Life: Giants

Why do we like to imagine that the world was once full of giants? All cultures seem to have a version of a myth or legend that mentions that how much bigger our ancestors were once upon a time. Is it the idea that our human history was once part of something bigger and more fantastic? Sure, that is basically all nostalgia is, when you put it like that. But why have people believed it? Why have generations of people in every region of the globe, at some point in time *believed* that there were giants upon the earth in those days? That’s what we will be exploring this week, the evidence of giants and what people believed about them. Join us as we discuss The Postdam Grenadiers, Greek hero cults, circus giants, a notorious discovery made in Cardiff, New York, and a real life love story of epic proportions.

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S2E20 Victorias Gift 192

Victoria, full of the spirit of the season, has a special gift for her “uncle”, The Librarian. While Christmas Eve is the anniversary of a very traumatic event for The Librarian, Victoria is confident that a special gift she’s had made by her friend, Nicola Tesla, will delight her uncle.

What happens when two very different forces are brought together in one place? Strap in for a dark ride in this year’s season finale of The Lift, an epic crossover with The Wicked Library’s agent of chaos, and a touching holiday tale.

Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins
Main Narration / The Librarian / Phineas T. Croughly: Nelson W. Pyles
Art: Jeanette Andromeda
Score: Nico Vettese

NOTE: This year’s Christmas episode is related to a tale told on the 2015 Christmas Episode of The Wicked Library, so we wanted to provide a link to this story for anyone who might enjoy hearing it before (or after), hearing today’s story. 

Hear it here: “The Lonesome Death of Phineas T. Croughly” by Nelson W. Pyles

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Ep 110: One More Story: It’s Not a Clip Show

This week we put together some new stories that tie to some of our early episodes. We really just wanted to send the year out by looking back at what we’ve put together so far, and finding even more to explore. Maybe we all just want to catch our breath before we dive headlong into a whole new year. So we’ve taken the opportunity to revisit the stories we missed and the things that have changed since we finished these episodes. We also wanted to thank our listeners, so we’ve included some new stories from the episodes that you told us were your favorites. Join us as we re-explore the satanic panic, the sausage king of Chicago, hotel mysteries, Bluebeard. Killer clowns, organ theft and of course; Nazi cows. Read More …

TWL 800: Christmassacre 2017

The Librarian wakes from his post-Halloween slumber long enough to bring you Christmassacre 2017! Back in the hosting chair for this special episode is original Host and Creator of The Wicked Library, Nelson W. Pyles.
Deck the Halls – Daniel FoytikI want to Eat Your Eyes – Jesse J. SaxonOh Christmas Tree – Pippa BaileyThe Jólakötturinn – Kelli PerkinsThe Year Christmas Came to Madison Bear – Aaron Vlek

Authors: Daniel Foytik, Jesse J. Saxon, Pippa Bailey, Kelli Perkins, Aaron Vlek | Storyteller: Nelson W. Pyles | Custom Score: Nico Vettese | Voice of the Librarian: Nelson W. Pyles | Voice of Victoria: Amber Collins | Producer: Daniel Foytik | Executive Producers: Cynthia Lowman, Nelson W. Pyles Read More …