#HorrorHaikuesday in Tenuous Paws.

To Inspire You: My obsession with the black paper sketchbook and white gel pen I bought continues to infinity and beyond… Our universe has once more found itself inside her tenuous paws. ~Jeanette Andromeda Created by You: Last week our prompt was ’til Horror Haikuesday Do Us Part. […] Read More …

Till #HorrorHaikuesday Do Us Part

To Inspire you: Last week, two beautiful people I’m happy to call friends got married. To them, and to you, I offer this thought. Forever grinning, we know worlds will waste away before our love will. ~Jeanette Andromeda Created by You: Last week Our Lady of Horror Haikuesday […] Read More …

A Re-introduction to the 9th Story Podcast

Hello my friends! As many of you know, Immortal Alexander and I took over the 9th Story Podcast from Daniel Foytik this year. Dan, in case you didn’t know is the creator of The Lift podcast and many others, including the 9th Story.  As we speak, Immortal Alexander […] Read More …

#250 Rub Some Dirt on It

We don’t even know what episode we are on!
Hiccup cures.
How to get songs stuck in your head.
The Defeners
So You Think You Can Dance

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