S6 E19 #Poetry. Featuring Author & Poet Kylie Goetz!

We are a podcast about writing and storytelling.

This week we are talking with author, poet, ukulele enthusiast, and international woman of mystery Kylie Goetz! Kylie has been writing a poem a day for over three years. She has a published book of poetry, a novel, and a blog where she shares her daily poems.

Kylie is also one of our consistent weekly contributors to Jeanette’s #HorrorHaikuesday prompt over at HorrorMade.com, and on Twitter.

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S6 E18 This Is Our Story. Featuring Jeanette & Alexander!

We are a podcast about writing and story.

As we get close to the end of season 6 we wanted to talk about what’s happening with us and what the podcast will become as we find our paths. Join us on a personal journey that we hope will inspire you personally and professionally.

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S6 E17 Dealing With A Lack Of Support. Featuring author Pippa Bailey!

We are a podcast about writing and storytelling.

As we start the new year we need to reflect on how we handle those moments when our friends and family don’t give us the support we need on our journey as storytellers. Today we talk with new author Pippa Bailey about just that. How do you deal with a lack of support in your journey to becoming a full time author? We explore that topic and much more on this week’s episode of The 9th Story Podcast!

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How #HorrorHaikuesday Dunks Cookies

With Christmas almost here and Hanukkah already in full swing I wanted to wish you wonderful people “Happy Holidays!” And to share my vicious attack on the food associated with this time of year. LOL. Don’t worry, I’m just getting even. This past month I’ve been struggling with […]
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