Prog-Watch Special – 101 Dimensions (March 2017-2)

“…And then there were three…”
With only three of us doing the rotation on 101 Dimensions, my turns will be coming more often. No worries, though…I’ve got lots of great electronic/ambient music to blow your mind! Like this week’s crop:

1. Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene (Pts. IV, V, & VI) (from the album Oxygene, 1976)
2. The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot (from the album I Robot, 1977)
3. Pekka Pohjola – B The Magpie, Side 1 (including The Beginning, The First Morning, Bad Weather, and Bialoipokku’s War Dream) (from the album B The Magpie, 1974)
4. The Alan Parsons Project – Hyper Gamma Spaces (from the album Pyramid, 1978)
5. Boddy, Reuter & Mullaney – Mysterionic (from the album Triptych, 2003)
6. Klaus Schulze – Die Prophezeiung Erfult Sich (from the album Contemporary Works, Vol. II, 2002)
7. The Alan Parsons Project – Lucifer (from the album Eve, 1979)
8. Redshift – A Midnight Clear (from the album Redshift II, 1997)

I hope you enjoy! Until next time, Prog On!

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Prog-Watch 412 – Variety

This week’s program is a great variety show with lots of new music for your listening pleasure! Hear music from Boundary Exception, Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter, Southern Empire, Offworld, IQ, Alan Reed, Richard Barbieri, Tom Slatter, Knight Area & Blackfield! Plus another great edition of Progressive Discoveries with Dr. Rob Fisher, on the wonderful debut album from This Winter Machine! A splendid time is guaranteed for all! Read More …

Prog-Watch Special – 101 Dimensions (March 2017)

Tune in to this week’s 101 Dimensions to hear an eclectic mix of new and old electronic/ambient music! Here’s what’s on tap:

1. Erik Norlander – City Of Living Machines (from the album Seas Of Orion, 2004)
2. 17 Pygmies – Celestina XVI (from the album Celestina II – Second Son, 2011)
3. Ian Boddy & David Wright – Still Motion (from the album Shifting Sands, 2009)
4. David Bedford – The Song Of The White Horse (from the album Star Clusters, Nebulae & Places In Devon/The Song Of The White Horse, 1999)
5. 17 Pygmies – Celestina XXVII (from the album CIII – Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale Of Love And Quantum Physics, 2012)
6. Rocket Scientists – Traveler On The Supernatural Highway (from the album Supernatural Highways, 2014)
7. Tangerine Dream – Suite From Dead Solid Perfect (from the album Dream Music, 1992)
8. Red Shift – Damage (from the album Last, 2007)

Until next time…Prog On!


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Prog-Watch Special – 101 Dimensions (February 2017)

On 101 Dimensions this month we have a diversity of electronic/ambient material from the 70’s up through today! Here’s the playlist if you are listening along:

1. British Theatre – Blue Horror (from the album Mastery, 2016)
2. Gary Numan – Cars (from the album Pleasure Principle, 1979)
3. Chris Carter – The Man Machine (from the album Electronic Sound, Vol. 2, 2016)
4. Galahad – Year Zeroverture (from the album Year Zero, 2002)
5. Northwoods – Elements (from the album Elements, 2014)
6. Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain (from the album Touch, 1983)
7. Aphex Twin – Cliff (from the album Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2, 1994)
8. Kraftwerk – Metropolis (from the album The Man Machine, 1978)
9. Billy Ray Martin – Crackdown (from the album Electronic Sound, Vol. 2, 2016)
10. Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Hot Remix) (from the album Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, 1983)
11. Mike Oldfield – Nothing But/Bridge To Paradise (from the album Earth Moving, 1989)
12. Gary Numan – Engineers (from the album Pleasure Principle, 1979)
13. Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts II (from the album Ghosts I-IV, 2008)
14. Vangelis – Islands Of The Orient (from the album Oceanic, 1997)
15. Tim Blake – New Jerusalem (from the album Blake’s New Jerusalem, 1978)

Until next time…take care and Prog On!

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