Jillian Janson: Episode #139

Some people call him the pervert cowboy, some call him the Dangle of love! In this colorful episode of D.A.D., Dick and The Stepfather bring, to you, a video on watching porn at work and an article on the tickling fetish. Also discussed are your newest fetish and boobs from around the world! And please listen to Danglin’ After Darks first sponsor: Spunk Lube! We have a commercial and everything, so please enjoy! Finally, an entertaining interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club with the gorgeous Jillian Janson is presented to you. She talks award shows and conventions, her career and the extremes of shooting! Have a great time listening as we speak on the Dangleness of love! Read More …

Episode #138 – I know a real vagina when I see it!

Hey ladies! I can’t find my keys. Could you check my pockets for me? In this episode, videos with pornstar artists and artistic description are available for your viewing pleasure. Articles include kinky cities, a porn parody for gamers, a new fashion trend for the ladies and great sex stories. Others stories include sex and age, and porn and marriage. Dangle and The Stepfather do a dramatic reading involving couple’s sexual fantasies. It’s a good time had by all. And considering how much laughter there is on this show, you know the boys are having some fun! Still can’t find the keys? Check my pockets again. And I swear they’re not in my hand! Read More …

Irene Boss, Part 2: Episode 137

Thank you ma’am, may I have another?! Luckily, all of us get another! In this episode, Dick talks about visiting “The Compound”, the exquisite workplace of the Supreme Dominatrix, Irene Boss. It was a tour of extraordinary magnitude! Plus, you get part two of the amazing interview of Irene Boss, which contains great public moments, effects of the internet and proper communication. There are also articles that include a naughty school boy (it’s not what you think!) and a series of accidently-erotic commercial (that’s not what they meant!). Get ready to learn a lot and become a better person for the journey! Read More …

Episode 33- Demon Tongue


We’re just going to consider this the drunkisode! Eanna gets stuck in a onzie, Ande falls down the steps, and China has memory problems.

The Queens also discuss the feature film, Demon Tongue (2016), and give bad advice to people from the internet.

Stay tuned and, most importantly, stay nasty.


Instagram: QueensOfNC17
Website: queensofnc17.com
Music by: TOBACCO (@tobaxxo)
Produced by: Jon Towers of The Abracast Read More …

Irene Boss, Part One: Episode #136

Those are butts and that’s a penis… Get ready for a danglin’ good time! In this episode, Dangle has The Stepfather and Tempting Melanie in studio and they help him break down an awkward sexual dream and talk about a couple of stories about the kink that women want and an uncomfortable display of public affection. […] Read More …

Kenna James: Episode #135

Welcome to the “Every day is Valentine’s Day” episode! For this show, Dangle, The Stepfather and Tempting Melanie bring you a little bit of everything for everyone. We talk magazines and sex toys. There is an adult game board review, called “Battle in the Bed”, a fantastic movie review for the latest “50 Shades” movie, plus two interviews! First, we have an interview with Victoria from Clone-A-Willy, a penis replica kit. Then we have a great interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh with the beautiful 2016 Penthouse Pet of the Year, Kenna James! She talks food, acting and being sensitive in a special place (oh my!)! I know you’ll find something you like here, so get to it! Read More …