Prog-Watch 502 – A Clouds Can feature + some variety

This week on Prog-Watch my special guests are the gentlemen from the German duo, Clouds Can! I have a feature on their new album Leave, and chat with Dominik Hüttermann and Thomas Thielen about their new “progressive pop” approach. (And with the aide of much coffee, Thomas is in fine form!) Aside from the Clouds Can music, I’m also spinning a few other great tunes by The Wood Demons, Armed Cloud, Servants Of Science, and Michael Crimson! Read More …

Ep 111: Larger Than Life: Giants

Why do we like to imagine that the world was once full of giants? All cultures seem to have a version of a myth or legend that mentions that how much bigger our ancestors were once upon a time. Is it the idea that our human history was once part of something bigger and more fantastic? Sure, that is basically all nostalgia is, when you put it like that. But why have people believed it? Why have generations of people in every region of the globe, at some point in time *believed* that there were giants upon the earth in those days? That’s what we will be exploring this week, the evidence of giants and what people believed about them. Join us as we discuss The Postdam Grenadiers, Greek hero cults, circus giants, a notorious discovery made in Cardiff, New York, and a real life love story of epic proportions.

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Prog-Watch Special – 101 Dimensions – December 2017-2

My turn on 101 Dimensions again, and again I am pushing the boundaries! Here’s the playlist:

1. Lindisfarne – Winter Song (from the album Nicely Out Of Tune, 1971)

2. Patrick Moraz – Here Comes Christmas Again (from the album Future Memories I & II, 1985)

3. Atomic Rooster – Winter (from the album Atomic Rooster, 1970)

4. Keith Emerson – Troika (from The Christmas Album, 1999)

5. The Prog World Orchestra – Joy To The World (from the album A Proggy Christmas, 2012)

6. Enya – White Is In The Winter Night (from the album And Winter Came…, 2008)

7. 2002 – Carol Of The Bells (from the album Christmas Dreams, 2007)

8. Rick Wakeman – Hark The Herald Angels Sing (from the album Christmas Variations, 2006)

9. The Moody Blues – December Snow (from the album December, 2003)

10. Edison’s Children – Solstice (from the album Somewhere Between Here And There, 2015)

11. 2002 – In The Bleak Midwinter (from the album Christmas Dreams, 2007)

12. Manning – Winter (from the album Cascade, 2001)

13. John Boswell – The First Noel (from The Carols Of Christmas, 1996)

14. Corvus Stone – After Solstice (from the album Unscrewed, 2015)

15. Liz Story – Greensleeves (from the album Winter Solstice I, 1985)

16. Keith Emerson – I Saw Three Ships (from The Christmas Album, 1999)

17. Rick Wakeman – Angels From The Realms Of Glory (from the album Christmas Variations, 2006)

18. Jethro Tull – A Winter Snowscape (from The Jethro Tull Christmas Album, 2003)

19. The Enid – Winter ‘The Key’ (from The Spell, 1985)

20. David Darling – O Holy Night (from The Carols Of Christmas, 1996)

21. 2002 – Silent Night (from the album Christmas Dreams, 2007)

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Prog-Watch Holiday Special 2017

This week on Prog-Watch I’m taking a little bit of a break from the usual script writing, talking, and editing all the flubs! After a brief preamble, I will simply be playing nearly 90 minutes of holiday themed music from mostly progressive artists. Since I will not be announcing the artists and tracks, here is a proper playlist, in case you hear something new that you really like and want to know what it is:

1. Intro – Mike Oldfield – In Dulci Jubilo

2. Chris Squire & Alan White – Run With The Fox

3. Jethro Tull – Christmas Song

4. Jon Anderson – Three Ships

5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – A Star To Follow

6. Trevor Rabin – O Come All Ye Faithful

7. Peter Noone & Herman’s Hermits – Do You Hear What I Hear

8. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon

9. Jethro Tull – Ring Out Solstice Bells

10. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24

11. Emerson, Lake & Palmer – I Believe In Father Christmas

12. Chris Squire – Sussex Carol

13. Mannheim Steamroller – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

14. Marillion – The Carol Of The Bells

15. Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Nutrocker

16. Jon Anderson – The Holly And The Ivy

17. Steve Morse – I Came Upon A Midnight Clear

18. Roy Wood – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

19. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – A Mad Russian’s Christmas

20. Jethro Tull – Another Christmas Song

21. Annie Haslam – O Holy Night

22. Chris Squire – Silent Night/Night Of Silence Read More …

Ep 110: One More Story: It’s Not a Clip Show

This week we put together some new stories that tie to some of our early episodes. We really just wanted to send the year out by looking back at what we’ve put together so far, and finding even more to explore. Maybe we all just want to catch our breath before we dive headlong into a whole new year. So we’ve taken the opportunity to revisit the stories we missed and the things that have changed since we finished these episodes. We also wanted to thank our listeners, so we’ve included some new stories from the episodes that you told us were your favorites. Join us as we re-explore the satanic panic, the sausage king of Chicago, hotel mysteries, Bluebeard. Killer clowns, organ theft and of course; Nazi cows. Read More …

Ep 109: Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic: Toys & Gender

No one in the history of Christmas has ever truly wanted nothing from Santa but their two front teeth. No, no, no, kids want toys. The modern contract between parents, children, Santa, and his army of elves is centered on this basic truth. But which toys? Should kids get only wholesome, politically correct playthings? Should boys and girls receive different toys? Do they want different toys? Join us this week as we try to get to the bottom of the gendering of children’s toys. Using Barbie as a case study, we will discuss the way certain toys acquire a reputation for being bad for kids, and the common arguments for and against different types of play. We will explore her less than innocent origins and the years of controversy that she has left in her hot pink, glittery wake. 

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Ep 108: Hi Walter…It’s The Zodiac Speaking

Playing detective is all fun and games until you uncover a real clue. Story-lovers have few universal traits. But for the most part, we love a mystery. We love to see disjointed snippets of information begin to form a meaningful picture, so of course we love to think we could solve a real case. And sometimes we get so carried away with that idea that we end up creating a brand new fiction. Join us this week as we discuss what went wrong with ‘Hi, Walter’ and decrypt some mysteries surrounding other Youtube mysteries like ‘Deeper’. But really. Our main question, though, is: was the Zodiac Killer just a story? 

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Prog-Watch Special – 101 Dimensions – December 2017-1

My turn on 101 Dimensions again! I hope you enjoy! Here’s the playlist:

1. Franky Valentyn Project – The Jovian Moon Suite (from the album All In A Dream, 2017)

2. Röyksopp – What Else Is There (from the album The Understanding, 2005)

3. Lunatic Soul – Lunatic Soul; and The Final Truth (from the album Lunatic Soul, 2008)

4. Röyksopp – Circuit Breaker (from the album The Understanding, 2005)

5. whatsisname – Refraktor, 2016

6. Röyksopp – Someone Like Me (from the album The Understanding, 2005)

7. Markus Reuter – The Abolition Of Death; A Clue To Reality; and Read Aloud In Cold Blood (from the album The Longest In Terms Of Being, 2001)

8. Röyksopp – Alpha Male (from the album The Understanding, 2005)

9. David Bowie – Warszawa; Art Decade; Weeping Wall; and Subterraneans (from the album Low, 1977)

Prog On!

Tony Read More …