The Pop Off

The Pop Off is Host Martisse’s take on pop culture news and current events. She and her panel will pop off about whatever is on their minds and whatever people want to hear!

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Host and Producer: Martisse Macri


Martisse and April talk to Brian and Terrie Seech from the Center for Cryptozoological Studies and the Center for Unexplained Events. They talk western PA sightings and personal experiences. Check ...
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2017 Beth Shalom Sports Banquet

Martisse and Missy head down to the Beth Shalom Sports Banquet again and talk to Pittsburgh Steeler BJ Finney!! We ask him about that dumb Patriots movie and what he ...
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Where did the word COOTER come from? Me, Olivia, and Clarise (YES, SHE'S FINALLY BACK!) get together for our annual SEXISODE!! We're talking cooters, nasty presidents, and weird laws around ...
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Super Bowl 51

Me and my new guest J.Starr talk about Super Bowl 51, how much we hate the Pats (but damn we gotta respect 'em); Gaga's AMAZING, somewhat political, halftime show; and ...
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Pop Culture Check In!!

This episode I talk about what's going on so far in 2017, the good, the bad, and the Trump. And if you have annoying neighbors or someone you hate, April ...
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Top 10 Stories of 2016

Bring on 2017! 2016 was so shitty, we even had a episode called 'Fuck 2016' IN JULY!! So here are the top stories of the shitty year! (This episode was ...
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The Pop Off : A Return to the Demon of Brownsville Road

Its another The Pop Off/Kettle Whistle Radio merger show. This time we bring Bobby Cranmer Jr. back to the studio to provide updates and unveil more of his side of ...
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Pizzagate w/ Jon Towers

Brought to you by The Abracast, me and Jon talk about EVEN MORE leaked emails that lead us to the crazy political elite and their love of PIZZA?!?! Donate your ...
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Me and April got Jon, Violet, and David to come up and over to visit, eat some Pizza Joe's (SHOUT OUT), and talk about the election, wiki-leaks, Wicca, Jon's new ...
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LDW with Kettle Whistle Radio

Me, Dave, April E (now known as ApeCakes), reunite at our 'Ground Zero' --- THE LIVING DEAD FESTIVAL!!! The Pop Off and Kettle Whistle Radio join together for our first ...
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Me and April E. sit down and talk to APEX (Anthony Medure) about his new album, The Sure Shot - available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play....(while you're there make ...
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CLOWN CRAZINESS IS SWEEPING THE COUNTRY!!! Me, April E., and Olivia talk about clown craziness, the 2 Coreys (Feldman & Haim), my cat named Puppy (yes, I have a cat ...
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