9th Story Podcast

The Flagship show of 9th Story Studios, The 9th Story Podcast is a Parsec Award Nominated show dedicated to discussing and exploring Story and Storytelling in all its forms.

Guests have included writers, sculptors, visual artists, musicians, historians, and even a scientist and a psy-ops specialist.

The show’s mascot and resident guide is the spooky, mischievous, and delightful Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes she’ll meet you at The Lift for a ride up to the 9th Story. Let’s go for a Ride!

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Host / Producer: Daniel Foytik 

Dan is the current host and producer of The Wicked Library, The Lift, Listen, and The 9th Story Podcast. Dan is a writer and storyteller who explores his love story and storytelling in all its forms through, writing, narration, audio production, and podcasting. His original podcast 9th Story features interviews and discussions on story.

Dan’s production entity, 9th Story Studios, creates The Wicked Library, 9th Story, Listen: devoted to storytellers telling stories, and The Lift: a series of tales similar in nature to The Twilight Zone, which will star Victoria from the 9th Story and feature the work of multiple talented writers.

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